2 12 2009

Did I say how some people at work can be so fucked up? How they can blatantly not complete their own work and raise their voice and expect others to do what they themselves should be doing?
I am pissed off, very pissed off. Anyway just too bad one of those fuckers got a dressing down from the customer.
Kanina cheebye


Young punks

21 11 2009

Just thought I would like to mention that a fucking young punk cut my queue in the parking lot. I decided to not waste my breath after arguing for a bit and just left it at a threat.

Starting to blog again?

20 11 2009

I got wordpress on my iPhone! Maybe I might start blogging again….

This family isn’t much of one. I want my own.

14 09 2009

There’s a bunch of things that I want to blog about, like my run in with Singtel and the grief I’m getting from home.

In fact I just had a heated discussion with my mum over getting married. From this incident, the fact that it helped make me realise how much I’m being sidelined and marginalised by my parents at home made things worse for me. I really wanted to pen down my thoughts cos it’s really making feel very angry about everything. Oh god, I’m so angry that I can’t believe I’m putting up with this kind of shit at home.

I wish I was at the point where I can earn my own keep and get my own place etc. Not even a HDB, a private one at that.

I really want to get out of this family, or whatever it is called cos I don’t feel like family at all. It’s damn sad, it’s sabishii like my girlfriend says it.

Anyway, I don’t want to blog about it now, but in a nutshell, for all the times my mum says she’s being fair to everyone and all that bullshit, she doesn’t do what she says. And it’s FUCKING plain obvious. If she did, she would have considered how I have always been serious about things and not let THAT FUCKHEAD LAZY BASTARD OF A BROTHER HAVE HIS WAY AS AND WHEN HE WANTS. KANINABE CHEEBYE. I can’t believe how 2 siblings in a family can have so differnt fates and lives. Seriously, I won’t cry for him.

Fuck me, I’m a screwed child.

A griefing update

30 08 2009

It’ s been eternity since I last blogged and I guess I should blog about some of my latest happenings. After this is a terribly stressful year, and this period has been extremely filled with activities and lots to think and plan about.

For a summary, I am extremely packed at work. I have 3 active projects, 1 with issues and lots of fire fighting, 1 new client, 2 other which are not that active. My meetings are packed back to back, with me chairing most of them, speaking till my throat goes dry. The work is all done at night, which is ok, after all, my fiance has been working till 2 or 3 am recently. I’d be hanging out at the nearby 24 hour cafe till she’s done, getting me work done.

Then after, we would spend some time discussing the following items:

  1. Year end trip to Japan, including my parents meeting hers
  2. Her moving in to my place. Which is quite a troubling matter, not because I don’t want her over, but because, I’m going to have a space problem again. If my siblings were worth anything as siblings, i’d like to see my brother offer to switch room with me. Haha, that’s like expecting a winning toto ticket to drop out of the sky.
  3. Marriage plans

And these are the main items, not including the nitty gritty things inside, like the PR status and how it will affect the plans, money plans etc. That means I don’t get alot of sleep. I’m lethargic, and going back to my “best friend” to keep me going through the day.

It’s a Sunday and I decided to blog instead of getting work done. I can feel the burn out. I really hope that all I’m doing is worth the effort. If I don’t get the due recognition next year…..

Anyway, aside from all these, I’ve been getting quite a lot of grief which is adding to my already stressful life.

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atama o tsukaisugite…

22 07 2009

I don’t know how much more I can take before my brain shuts down. I just hope to survive next week’s exam, and hopefully, work can give me a break as well.
I’m so very tired

No time but I got to say…

16 07 2009

my girlfriend bought me many goodies from Japan!

I got Yoku Moku again!!!!